‘Suicide Squad’ Actress Cara Delevingne Calls The Film’s Critics ‘Absolutely Horrific’

Cara Delevingne Suicide Squad
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The nonstop hype and marketing for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad undoubtedly had fans and critics thinking that Warner Bros. was throwing everything into making sure this movie was not another Batman v Superman. For weeks and even months, we were treated to action-packed clips and trailers that made it seem like this movie would be a villain-lover’s dream, as the bad guys took to the streets to unleash their own brand of antiheroics. On top of that, Jared Leto proclaimed himself King of the Method Actors and everyone expected his Joker to be the star of the film.

Then the embargo for Suicide Squad reviews passed and it was Batman v Superman all over again. In fact, it feels worse than that, because between Vanity Fair’s “Not even the good kind of bad” review and Mashable making a case for it being the most disappointing movie of all-time, the reviews can’t get much worse. Short of someone claiming Suicide Squad forced his wife to divorce him, I think we’ve reached rock bottom. Still, Ayer stands by his film and says he only cares about the fans, and now model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne is joining him, but she’s also firing back.

“The critics have been absolutely horrific, they’re really, really horrible. You know, I just don’t think they like superhero movies,” Cara Delevingne, who plays the Enchantress, told Reuters at the film’s London premiere.

Delevingne added that while “this movie isn’t perfect,” it was made for the fans. (Via Reuters)

She might be on to something, because it seems like some critics are turning DC bashing into a sport. It’s like, who can come up with the meanest possible review? Combined with Ayer shouting, “F*ck Marvel,” albeit jokingly, it does nothing but stir the pot with hardcore fans, and that’s how you get wild theories that Marvel pays critics. Worst of all, it causes fatigue for us fans who just want to watch fun comic book movies, so everyone needs to chill out.

For once, let’s all come together, embrace the entire genre, and do something productive with our energy… like make fun of Leto’s outfit. Delevingne knows what I’m talking about.

Jared Leto's dumb outfit
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