These Supercuts Count Up All The Lens Flares In J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Movies

I literally just spent ten minutes scrolling through Star Trek Into Darkness to find a screencap of Karl Urban, and was so annoyed that every single light on the bridge had its own little lens flare that I gave up. Actually I gave up then decided to complain about JJ Abrams on Facebook and may have mentioned kidnapping him and burning all the new Star Wars footage, but that’s not important now. What’s far less felonious are these two video compilations that Slashfilm has posted.

Editor Dylan Browne took the time to put together every single instance of lens flare in each new Star Trek film by fast forwarding through each movie and tallying them up. He claims that JJ Abrams is one of his favorite directors and that this is not malicious, just in the interest of posterity, I guess:

The grand total on each film:

  • Star Trek: 721 lens flares
  • Star Trek Into Darkness: 826 lens flares
  • Total: 1,547 lens flares

That’s not a crossguard on the new lightsabers. It’s just lens flare.