From ‘Reservoir Dogs’ To ‘Django Unchained’: Ranking The Goriest Quentin Tarantino Scenes

Just saying the name Quentin Tarantino brings to mind suave characters with snappy dialogue, but it also conjures up images of blood-splattered scenery that is almost always accompanied by a dynamite soundtrack. The deaths in Tarantino’s films are often grand spectacles of sudden, shocking violence crafted with an almost artisanal flair. Let’s take a look back and rank eight of the most gory and over-the-top deaths from his filmmaking career while also comparing the differences in style between Tarantino’s earlier films and his more recent works.

Tarantino filmography spoilers ahead.

9) John Ruth, The Hateful Eight

Tarantino never stops reinventing ways to kill people in gory, bloody ways. Here, it’s poisoned coffee that leads to a whole lot of bloody vomit and a desperate, violent tussle that ends in the most familiar way for a Tarantino victim — a bullet.

8) The Cop, Reservoir Dogs

This may still be Tarantino’s most iconic moment as a filmmaker and it still speaks to the general ethos of his work prior to his move away from contemporary settings: perfectly applied familiar but not too familiar pop music, deep dark humor, sadism, and bloodshed.

7) The Crazy 88, Kill Bill, Vol. 1

Before The Bride (Uma Thurman) is able to meet her adversary (O-Ren Ishii, as played by Luc Liu) she’s forced to contend with O-Ren’s personal army, The Crazy 88. What follows is ten minutes of blood-splattered mayhem, orchestrated by veteran fight choreographer Gordon Liu (who also plays the gang’s leader), resulting in a sequence that was so outlandishly violent that the director was forced to desaturate the color partway through in order to maintain the film’s R-rating.