Taylor Lautner’s Fiancée, Also Named Taylor, Is Taking His Surname, Which Means They’ll Both Be Called Taylor Lautner

You don’t hear about Taylor Lautner as much as you do his Twilight co-stars. But he’s doing well. In fact, he’s getting married! Who’s the lucky person? It’s a woman named Taylor (last name Dome). If you think it must be confusing for them, both having the same first name, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Because when they tie the knot, Lautner’s future wife will be taking his surname. And yes, that means they’ll both be “Taylor Lautner.”

The actor was casually discussing his engagement on The Kelly Clarkson Show when the news came out. When asked how they address each other, Lautner said he goes by “Taylor” while she is “Tay.” Simple enough. (Though some people, he said, refer to them as “Boy Tay” and “Girl Tay.”)

But then he revealed that they’re going to make it even more complicated when Taylor Dome also becomes Taylor Lautner. “We’re literally going to be the same person,” he joked. “How narcissitic?”

In the meantime, Twilight was back in the news for another reason: The director of the saga’s third installment, New Moon, reportedly turned down another Taylor, Taylor Swift, after she offered to make an appearance. Too many Taylors! In the meantime, here’s to the happy couple who will soon have the same name.

You can watch Lautner’s appearance on Kelly Clarkson in the video below.

(Via Pop Base)