Guillermo Del Toro Gave Taylor Swift The Book That Helped Him Make One Of His Classic Movies

If Taylor Swift wrote “Today Was a Fairytale” in 2022, instead of 2008, the song wouldn’t be about some guy telling her that she’s pretty when she looks like a mess. It would be about Guillermo del Toro giving her the book that inspired him to make Pan’s Labyrinth.

While appearing at the Modern Art Film Benefit at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art on Thursday, the Oscar-winning filmmaker was asked whether he heard that if Swift could swap places with anyone in Hollywood for one day, it would be him. “Yes, yes,” del Toro told W magazine. “She’s a very accomplished director, she’s incredibly articulate, and deep about what she’s trying to do — and what she will do.”

The Pinocchio director also revealed that he’s met her before.

“I have the greatest admiration for her; we had one of the most stimulating and gratifying conversations. We have many, many common interests. And her interest in fable and myth and the origins of fairy tale is quite deep. I gave her a few books that I thought would be interesting for her — among them, very importantly, a book that was useful for me in creating Pan’s Labyrinth called The Science of Fairy Tales, which codifies and talks about fairy tale lore.”

Can you feel this magic in the air? Yes, and it feels like Swift making a Pan’s Labyrinth-inspired movie for her directorial debut.

(Via W magazine)