Casey Jones, Bebop, And Rocksteady Are All Here For The ‘TMNT: Out Of The Shadows’ Trailer

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back to take on Shredder (Brian Tee) and his foot soldiers once again. This time, the mutated monstrosities Bebop and Rocksteady (WWE Champion, Sheamus) are also standing in their path to victory. Fortunately for our heroes, masked vigilante Casey Jones (Arrow star Stephen Amell) is ready to go to bat (or swing a hockey stick) at the evil villains threatening the safety of New York City.

Johnny Knoxville returns for TMNT: Out of the Shadows, as the voice of Leonardo, along with previous stars Megan Fox, William Fichtner, Will Arnett, and Tony Shalhoub as the voice of Splinter. New additions to the cast include Laura Linney, Tyler Perry, the aforementioned Amell, and Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio. 

To be honest, the trailer for TMNT 2 actually looks like a good time, and just the addition of Casey Jones has me excited because I had his action figure when I was a wee lad. The film is packed with some great talent, so it’s really in the hands of the fairly untested direction of Dave Green (Earth to Echo) to drive this one home.

Michael Bay returns as the producer of the series, and the film jumps out of the sewers in June 2016.