The 12 Highest Rated Halloween Movies On Netflix

10.24.14 5 years ago 9 Comments
With Halloween being just over a week away, Netflix is full of horror offerings to satisfy your Halloween movie blood-lust. Earlier this year, we covered the highest rated horror movies on Netflix, and while some of those movies made the cut again, this go around, Netflix has added and subtracted a few titles as well as updated the genre with a new sub-genre, “Halloween movies.” The Hallowen movies subgenre includes a fair amount of campy and completely non-terrifying titles as well, offering a nice variety for those who may prefer their chills without blood, guts, and chainsaws.

Some great Halloween picks like The Adams Family, The Frighteners, and both Carries didn’t make the cut, but there’s a strong mix of choices among the highest rated offerings. Whether you’re looking for terrifying suspense or something a little less nightmare inducing, here’s what Netflix is currently dishing out.

The Silence of the Lambs 4.1 stars out of 12,197,586 ratings.

Not just one of the creepiest thrillers of the last 25 years, but one of the best movies in general, Silence of the Lambs won multiple Oscars and spawned several sequels, including a rather creepy TV show. The story of a young FBI agent who must turn to a homicidal maniac to catch another homicidal maniac is a fantastic roller-coaster ride of tension from the beginning until its nail-biting showdown. Any movie that can survive 12 million Netflix opinions and still pull a 4 star rating is worth watching or re-watching for the second/tenth time. Rotten Tomatoes 95, IMDB 8.6

World War Z 4.1 stars out of 1,594,828 ratings.

World War Z isn’t your typical zombie movie — if it can even be classified a zombie movie is debatable — but more of a summer blockbuster about Brad Pitt saving the world. A world that just happens to be overrun with sprinting, man-eating, psychos. If you’re looking for Walking Dead-style gore, World War Z has none of that, but instead plays it safe with a PG-13 rating in favor of suspenseful and over-the-top action scenes. The movie is a bit uneven in places and Brad Pitt avoids death an eye-rolling amount of times — all while somehow never losing his scarf — but still delivers two hours of suspenseful action and is safe bet for those looking for some Halloween excitement, without the rotting corpses. Rotten Tomatoes 72, IMDB 7.0

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil 4 stars out of 1,859,028 ratings ratings.

Tucker & Dale works perfectly as a dark comedy, but its abundance of blood and severed body parts lend nicely to the horror genre, too. The movie draws upon the 80s teen slasher films and injects them with a dose of slapstick comedy from two bumbling redneck friends who simply want to enjoy a relaxing weekend in the woods. The movie pokes fun at just about every slasher movie stereotype, from the backwoods psychopath to the dimwitted college sexpot that is destined to end up on the wrong side of the gun — or in this case, a wood chipper. Rotten Tomatoes 84, IMDB 7.6

Odd Thomas 4 stars out of 1,195,765 ratings.

Based on the Dean Kootnz novel, Odd Thomas is a rather endearing supernatural romantic comedy about a small town short order cook who just so happens to see the dead. When a mysterious stranger rolls into town, bringing with him a horde of ghostly demonic creatures, it’s up to Thomas to save the town from whatever sinister events are about to unfold. The movie caters to fans of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, meaning that any real scares are traded in for teenage drama, but there’s still enough humor and plot to keep one interested in the onscreen weirdness that is constantly unfolding. Rotten Tomatoes 65, IMDB 6.9

The Nightmare Before Christmas 3.9 stars out of 6,224,930 ratings.

The movie that spawned a legion of goth kids 20 years ago still has incredibly strong cult following and is keeping Hot Topic in business. The stop-animation film from the mind of Tim Burton about a Halloween king who kidnaps Santa Clause out of boredom, knocks it out of the park both visually and musically. Burton tried to recreate the same Gothic magic years later with Corpse Bride, but not even Johnny Depp was an adequate substitute for Jack Skeleton. Rotten Tomatoes 91, IMDB 8.1.

The Crow 3.8 stars out of 4,297,914 ratings.

Sure, The Crow doesn’t qualify as a horror movie, but a film about a guy who returns from the dead to kill his enemies on Devil’s Night is more than fitting for a Halloween movie. The dark action thriller based on the comic book of the same name was meant to be Brand Lee’s star-launching role before he was tragically killed during filming. The movie works as a stunning visual blend of martial arts action and science fiction to create a revenge story straight from a nightmare, layered with one of the best hard rock soundtracks of any film from the 90s. Rotten Tomatoes 91, IMDB 7.6

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