Robert Pattinson Will Officially Return To Gloomy Gotham For More Emo Caped Crusader Action In A Sequel To ‘The Batman’

It was hampered by a massive delay mid-shooting due to a certain once-in-a-century public health crisis. It ran three hours long. It was dropped on HBO Max less than two months after release. An actual bat got loose at one of its screenings. And yet The Batman proved a bona fide smash, becoming one of the too few blockbusters released since the pandemic began. And now, at long last, there will officially be more.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. and DC waited till this year’s CinemaCon to announce that The Batman was getting the sequel it was bound to get anyway. Director Matt Reeves will be returning, as will star Robert Pattinson, though it’s not clear who among the vast supporting cast will join them. Will the next one’s villain be the not-so-mysterious dude from the final scene? Or will they think outside the box and go with Pattinson’s weirdo pick for best Batman baddie: Condiment King.

Of course, fans of the film won’t have to wait a few more years to go back to Gotham. HBO Max already has multiple spin-off series in the works, including one about Colin Farrell’s flamboyantly Italian take on the Penguin, as well as one that was supposed to be about Gotham’s police force but now appears to be about Arkham Asylum. In the meantime, prepare for more wacky RPatz profiles that will amusingly gibe with his brooding, emo take on the Caped Crusader.

(Via THR)