The Case Against Making Superhero Movie Sequels

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09.23.15 33 Comments

There’s been a lot of discussion, over the last week or so, whether we’ll ever see a Man of Steel 2. Either it’s on “permanent hold,” will only happen if George Miller wants to make it, or is actually Batman v Superman, depending on whom you ask and when. But I’ve got to ask… is the potential lack of a sequel really a bad thing?

It wasn’t so long ago that a roman numeral after a movie title was the mark of cinematic crap. For every exception like The Empire Strikes Back, there’s a Ghostbusters II, a Highlander II, a Jaws 2… We could keep going. And to be honest, superhero movies have historically had this problem, too: Nobody knows that better than the studio that put out Batman & Robin. DC seems somewhat sequel averse; while it’s putting out at least two superhero movies a year for the next five years, and possibly more, only one is technically even a sequel, the second part of Justice League arriving in 2019. It seems that unless somebody delivers a massive billion-dollar breakout, any other sequels will have to wait until at least 2021.

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