‘The Craft’ Remake From Blumhouse Has Recruited A Female Director

03.26.19 5 months ago

Columbia Pictures

Last fall, Blumhouse head Jason Blum caught a sizable amount of flack for an interview in which he asserted that the reason he didn’t hire female directors for his horror films was because there were “not a lot of female directors period.” He was wrong, as people were quick to point out the high number of female filmmakers who would love one of his patented $5 million budgets to make something scary. Blum was quick to apologize and promised to make amends.

And so he has. One of Blumhouse’s next big projects is a remake of The Craft, the beloved 1996 teen drama-horror about four high school girls who take up witchcraft. To helm it, as per Entertainment Weekly, Blum has hired Zoe Lister-Jones.

Lister-Jones, like many of the names people floated Blum’s way after his initial inciting comments, is already well-established in the industry — having made a name as a writer, a writer-director, and an actress. She can currently be seen as a regular on CBS’ Life in Pieces with Colin Hanks. Her produced scripts include 2012’s Lola Versus, starring Greta Gerwig, and Band Aid, which she also directed and co-starred in with Fred Armisen and Adam Pally.

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