The Latest ‘The Dark Tower’ Trailer Is A Look At How The Film Is Truly A Love Letter To The Works Of Stephen King

The latest trailer for The Dark Tower is a short look at Stephen King’s epic as it finally heads to the big screen, but it packs a lot in for a nice tribute to the legendary author. Now that we know this is a semi-sequel or continuation of the book series, it’s fitting that we’d get plenty of nods to King’s past works and sort of treat this film and whatever follows as a love letter to the entire King universe.

The other worlds of King’s novels have made appearances in The Dark Tower series in the past, with the plague-ridden Earth from The Stand making an appearance and the monsters from The Mist possibly being the results of a “thinny” or green fog that represents a portal where reality doesn’t exist. Sort of like a space between worlds and filled with creatures that seem to be bred to kill. Apart from that, the stories from King’s other books have plenty of references and key items that connect to The Dark Tower series, almost providing an extra treat to fans who want to connect the dots.

So with all of that, it makes sense that the film would follow that tradition. It doesn’t mean all the universes are connected to the film, but it does mean that fans will have something to look for when watching. This includes the number 19 that you see above, representing a magical number in the book series and a recurring number throughout King’s work. It’s a far more general connection, but it is one that stands out within the trailer.

Some are a little obvious, like the appearance of the St. Bernard and the attack dog sign in the next scene as a call back to Cujo, but then there are some that might be a little more hidden if you’re not a KIng fan. Like the Plymouth Fury from Christine making its second appearance in a major film in 2017 and the poster of Rita Hayworth that Andy Dufresne uses as cover for his escape tunnel in The Shawshank Redemption.

We also get a copy of Paul Sheldon’s Misery’s Child, two references to The Shining with the photograph of the Overlook Hotel and the creepy twins glancing at the camera, and the Pennywise amusement park wreckage that is a reference to the villain from It. There might be some we didn’t get and even more in the final film, so keep a look out.