Russell Crowe Fights Around The World, Beats Up Tom Cruise In A Featurette For ‘The Mummy’

Entertainment Editor

On Sunday, Universal released the first trailer for The Mummy, and now a featurette and two interviews with director Alex Kurtzman give some context to what the heck Russell Crowe is doing there. We know he’s playing Dr. Henry Jekyll, and other movies in this shared Universal Monster Movie Universe might include Johnny Depp as The Invisible Man and Javier Bardem as Frankenstein. Kurtzman also revealed to io9 that future movies include Van Helsing (with a script on the way from Passengers writer Jon Spaihts and Arrival writer Eric Heisserer) and may also include the Wolf Man, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and the Bride of Frankenstein. But Kurtzman clarified that 2014’s Dracula Untold is not part of this universe after all.

But back to Russell Crowe and his passions.

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