The Rock Celebrates After Being Named Forbes Highest Paid Actor (Again) With A Dose Of Humility

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07.17.18 6 Comments

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The Rock’s latest action extravaganza, Skyscraper performed below its modest expectations last weekend, which has led folks to wonder if The Rock might be overexposed. That may be the case, but one must also consider that the sheer number of The Rock’s financially successful projects vastly outweighs the impact of an occasional misstep, which may have also been due to scheduling considerations and the fact that Skyscraper could have been much more fun and simply wasn’t executed well.

None of that matters, of course, when it comes to Forbes naming The Rock as Hollywood’s highest paid actor … for the second year running. The man born as Dwayne Johnson celebrated on Twitter by reminding everyone that he recalls his own humble and (hungry) roots. Oh, and he’s still the People’s Champ.

The fact that The Rock celebrated on social media is fitting, not only because that’s what one does these days but also because Forbes credits his Internet interactivity for his amplified success, which takes him from $65 million in 2017 earnings to $124 million this year. As Forbes further notes, this is the “largest ever recorded” annual take in 20 years of the magazine’s tracking of the Celebrity 100. He’s still here, folks.

Well, The Rock continued on his merry way by acknowledging the fans who did come out for Skyscraper and ignoring those who didn’t…

(Via Forbes)

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