Chronicling The Paranoid, Psychotic Descent Of Randy And Evi Quaid

Randy and Evi Quaid reportedly believe there is an evil sect of Hollywood trying to kill them. It is the same shadowy organization that killed Heath Ledger, David Carradine, and Chris Penn. This sect is also responsible for extorting millions from their bank accounts, while running them out of the country.

The impetus for the seemingly paranoid descent into madness has several starting points depending on who you ask. Friends and relatives point to the 1989 marriage of the Quaids as the beginning of the end for the Golden Globe winning actor. Others say it manifested back in 2006, when they were approached by law enforcement for disturbing the peace (more on that later). Perhaps, it was when the world became aware of their self-destruction, when Randy was blackballed from a would-be Broadway play for allegedly verbally and physically attacking cast members, among other undignified behaviors reported by those on hand.

For the Quaids though, specifically Randy, the trouble with what he calls the “Star Whackers” began back in 1983. The following is a chronological account by family, friends, law enforcement, and the Quaids themselves, of how Randy and Evi became fugitives from the law, and how they descended into a state of apparent delusion that only few can understand.

A Match Made In Madness

Randy had a bright career ahead of him. The lumbering, 6 foot 4 inch doughy-faced older brother of Dennis Quaid had become a breakout star when, in 1974, he received an Oscar nomination starring alongside Jack Nicholson in The Last Detail. By 1983, Quaid had starred in critical and commercial hits like Midnight Express, and National Lampoon’s Vacation. Throughout the decade, Quaid would go on to star in Saturday Night Live, another Vacation film, and a Lyndon B. Johnson TV movie that would win him a Golden Globe.

From the outside, it seemed that Quaid was blazing his own path, playing well-defined character roles that would become the highlight of many films. But, according to an aborted 220-page lawsuit that he filed in 2010, something sinister was swirling in the background of his budding career.

The Star Whackers, Quaid’s name for the evil Hollywood Illuminati thwarting his success, allegedly began dipping their hands into his fortune in 1983, after the success of the first Vacation film. Using a fake probate file, they created an identity from a deceased Santa Barbara woman — named Ronda L. Quaid — and used a fake trust fund to deposit and cash Randy’s royalty checks. Only, Ronda L. Quaid was real; she died in 2005 and was worth about $1.5 million. Yet, you can’t tell that to Evi.

Ronda L. Quaid never existed! No one ever has met her. She was supposedly a schoolteacher. But you go to the county and you pull the probate file and it’s $7 million in cash. How would a schoolteacher have that? It’s Randy’s royalty stream. I’ve researched everything. There’s no body. They’re just trying to merge the two identities in order to cash the checks.

Evi Quaid was a 24-year-old model and production assistant when she met Randy in 1988. She was assigned to drive actors to the set of Bloodhounds of Broadway, a film starring Madonna. On the day she met and drove Randy to the set, they got lost, eventually ending up at a Chinese restaurant where Randy proposed to her on the spot. She said yes, and they ended up spending the night together.