The Stunt Doubles That Played Mad Max And Furiosa Ended Up Getting Married

Those of you lamenting the lack of romance in Mad Max: Fury Road, take heart: there was more than enough romance going down behind the scenes to make up for it. It turns out that the stunt doubles for Mad Max (Tom Hardy) and Furiosa (Charlize Theron) ended up falling in love and getting married. Here’s Dane Grant talking about meeting his wife Dayna via the Telegraph:

“I remember that first day meeting her in the stunt rehearsal gym. She stood out for all the right reasons,” said 37-year-old Dane.

“Every time we get to work together is a blast, but none more so than the initial fight rehearsal,” said Dane, “in the film it’s the first time Max meets Furiousa and they fight it out with a sequence that fight choreographer had us training non-stop for weeks.”

Hundreds of (choreographed) punches later, Dane and Dayna fell in love. Today the stunt doubles for Mad Max and Furiosa are married with a 14-month-old son.

Now if you’re wondering how fast the two ended up preggers, keep in mind the majority of Mad Max: Fury Road was filmed in 2012, giving them a socially acceptable amount of time to fall in love, get married, and have a kid.

Those two weren’t the only ones who got hitched as a result of Mad Max: Fury Road. Riley Keough, who played the red haired bride, ended up marrying the stunt double for Doof Warrior, the dude with the electric guitar flame thrower. You can see their wedding photos here. And for more Mad Max stunt pictures, check out Furiosa stuntwoman Dayna’s Twitter account, which is loaded with ’em.

(via the Telegraph)