These Lunatics Watched ‘Grown Ups 2’ Every Monday For An Entire Year

For months, Grown Ups 2 was batting an impressive 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, which coincidentally, is also the number of times the most recent Dennis Dugan fart-fest should be seen. Unaware of the problems that excessive exposure to Grown Ups 2 may cause, Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt set out to watch the film every Monday for an entire year, because I dunno, it’s either a deer peeing in Adam Sandler’s face or 2 Broke Girls, I guess? (Here’s an idea: Grown Ups 2 Broke Girls. I’ll accept my millions now, Adam Sandler.)

They’re documenting their quixotic quest in podcast form, “The Worst Idea Of All Time”, which is currently in week #47. Their mental stability is forever fractured.

Montgomery: It’s given me quite intense mood swings. I’ll fluctuate wildly between watching a joke they’ve written, and five minutes later, I’ll be in the pits of despair. We’ve been doing this weird roleplaying where we are the film producers. We maintained character for an hour and then I just snapped.

You can follow their exploits here, or go insane with them by watching this.

Via Vice