Bad Lip Reading Takes On The Original ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy In Epic Fashion

Have you ever wondered what the characters in the original Star Wars films are really saying? Well, it’s time you found out. Never mind the actual script, these bad lipreads of the entire trilogy (don’t worry, it only takes about seven minutes to watch each!) not only answer the question of whether Darth Vader likes to send Princess Leia “helmet pics” (spoiler alert: he does), but also feature guest stars Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, and Jack Black playing all the important parts.

The Empire Strikes Back ends up getting the same treatment here, tossing Lando into the mix for a smooth time. How Cloud City wasn’t just one big Colt 45 commercial, we’ll never know.

And finally we ended with Return Of The Jedi, the Ewok-filled, dance number having, finale of the entire event. And the first real sniff that George Lucas was insane. If you cut out all those nasty bits, though, it’s a fine movie. But damn those Ewoks. Damn them.

(Via Bad Lip Reading)

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