The Hulk’s Biggest Enemy In ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Might Be Bruce Banner

Mark Ruffalo might be waist deep in a worldwide press tour for Now You See Me 2, but no amount of magic tricks can make fans’ desire for MCU news disappear completely. At a recent press day, Ruffalo talked about the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok film and what fans can expect from the rumored “buddy road comedy” between Thor and The Hulk. Since the movie has been described as a bro comedy and features the only two Avengers who did not appear in recent hit Captain America: Civil War, it can be expected that The Hulk and Thor will not be at each others’ throats throughout the film. However, that doesn’t mean the two central characters of the film won’t have any adversaries or strife to battle against.

In an interview with Collider, Ruffalo opened up about things that Bruce Banner might have to go up against in the upcoming third Thor movie. In between discussing New Orleans bar crawls with Woody Harrelson and magic tricks, Ruffalo was very forward about what Banner is going through during the events of Ragnarok. As anyone who is up to date on the Marvel movies would have noticed, Bruce’s relationship with his alternate identity has mostly involved “running from him, trying to deny it” and freaking out when the Mr. Hyde to his Dr. Jekyll messes up his personal relationships.

According to Ruffalo though, Hulk and Bruce Banner are “coming for a collision force with each other” during Ragnarok. As he mentions, it’s a place that the movies haven’t really gone to yet even though Banner’s internal conflict has long been present as subtext. In a cheeky comment to Harrelson, Ruffalo admits that “the only person the Hulk is scare of – or thing – is Banner.” The rumors about what the next Thor movie will focus on and who will be starring in it have been swirling ever since before Civil War premiered. God forbid a single minute of Marvel news goes un-discussed of course.

The people can’t live without their Hulk/Thor rumors! Mark’s comments give some structure to at least one of the movie’s conflicts, however, and now all that is left is to nail down everything that the actual titular character will be dealing with as well. If The Hulk is busy having an existential crisis, then what could Thor possibly be up against that is bigger or worse than that?

(via Collider)