Timothée Chalamet Plays The Son Of Edward Scissorhands In A New Super Bowl Car Commercial

You’re going to have to wait over half a year to see Timothée Chalamet headline the latest take on Frank Herbert’s Dune, but his latest reboot is here right now. The acclaimed young actor has taken on the role of Edgar, the son of Edward Scissorhands — the pointy-handed outcast from Tim Burton’s 1990 suburban fantasy starring Johnny Depp. But like the Wayne’s World revival that’s actually just a commercial for Uber Eats, this one isn’t a movie. It, too, is merely a Super Bowl ad.

The spot finds Chalamet, with his big, floppy hair and his vaguely alien looks, making a fine scion to Depp’s Edward, going about his teenage life, finding life difficult because he, too, has scissors for hands. Winona Ryder returns as Edward’s love interest Kim Boggs, which we suppose means the two procreated at some point — although it’s not clear how that works, given that he’s an artificial humanoid, but apparently Edgar was born with metal hands, too. Maybe best not to think about the logistics!

Anyway, there’s some jokes about Edgar destroying footballs and working at sandwich shop, but it all eventually leads to him driving a LYRIQ, the new line of cars from Cadillac with some next-level hands-free driving capabilities. But much like the fake “Crocodile” Dundee reboot with Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth that turned out to also just be a commercial, this is actually good casting and not a terrible idea. Maybe Tim Burton should come back with an Edgar Scissorhands movie. And while we’re at it, maybe make that Wayne’s World reunion something more than a commercial for the gig economy.

You can watch the ad in the video above.

(Via THR)