Timothy Olyphant Recalls His Surreal Times With Luke Perry On The ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Set

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Timothy Olyphant couldn’t believe he was in a Tarantino film, and it sounds like the feeling was mutual with Luke Perry. The Santa Clarita Diet actor discussed his experience with the late Riverdale star at the premiere of Missing Link (in which he voices a bounty hunter) on Thursday night. In doing so, Olyphant only further confirmed that Perry made a lasting and positive impact on everyone he touched, but Olyphant had some extra insight to offer. That is to say, he and Perry both couldn’t believe they landed spots in Quentino Tarantino’s upcoming Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

That’s right, the man who swaggered as Justified‘s Raylan Givens and quietly raged as Deadwood‘s Seth Bullock apparently didn’t feel deserving enough to sit within Tarantino’s ensemble cast. Nor did the actor who brought us the iconic Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills, 90210, but they both got through it, and Olyphant described the mutually surreal experience to Variety:

“We just met on the film, but the two of us showed up, and we kept looking at each other like, ‘How’d we get in? I don’t know who let us in, but they let us in,'” Olyphant said with a smile, recalling his time working opposite Perry, calling the Tarantino film a “dream come true.” He continued, “There were so many moments where it just felt like the two of us would look at each other and we both had the same look on our face, which is, ‘Not bad. Here we are.'”

Olyphant added that Perry was “a craftsman” and a “no bullsh*t” kind of guy on the set where they both played real-life TV western stars with Perry portraying Wayne Maunder and Olyphant taking on James Stacy (and his criminal history?). The film will be Perry’s last appearance on the big screen.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood arrives on July 26.

(Via Variety)