YEAH! T.J. Miller’s Character In ‘Deadpool’ Has Probably Been Revealed.

Deadpool is in production now, with Ryan Reynolds as the titular Deadpool, Morena Baccarin as the co-lead, Gina Carano as Angel Dust, and with previously-undisclosed characters being played by Ed Skrein and awesome morning show guest, T.J. Miller. Now, Miller’s character seems to have been revealed by Miller himself in the hashtags of a Twitter reply:

So, if we’re interpreting this correctly, Miller is losing some weight to portray Weasel (Jack Hammer), Deadpool’s mentally-unstable sidekick who is useful to have around as a gadget genius and sometimes broker of information and weapons. His origin story is also pure Deadpool:

Weasel was once a bright young lad attending Midtown High, the same high school as Peter Parker and Jessica Jones. Weasel, then known by his birth name of Jack Hammer, was competing with Parker for a prestigious job under the wing of Norman Osborn and held an enormous crush on Parker’s future girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. Deadpool accidentally teleported into the past during a fight with the Great Lakes Avengers. There, he found Jack Hammer (whose destiny he was well aware of) and, disguised as Peter Parker, related to Norman Osborn false information about Jack Hammer being a drug user. His employment opportunity thus ruined, Hammer was manipulated by the disguised Deadpool into fixing his teleportation belt. With the gadget fixed, Deadpool returned to the future, leaving a depressed and drunken young Hammer with a new career option — crime. (Via)

Let those among us who have never traveled back in time to ruin our friend’s career options cast the first stone.