Tom Cruise Got The Entire Budget For His Space Movie With Elon Musk Approved Over Zoom

While the rest of us are hosting dance parties over Zoom, Tom Cruise used the video chat service to secure a $200 million budget for a movie where he goes to space.

As reported back in May, the Mission: Impossible star and Elon Musk have teamed up to make the first “narrative movie filmed in outer space,” with Universal Studios footing the bill. How does one convince a movie studio to hand over $200 million for something that’s never been accomplished before? By asking nicely through a laptop, apparently.

“According to sources, all it took was an exuberant Zoom call with Tom Cruise, director Doug Liman, [Mission: Impossible — Fallout director] Christopher McQuarrie, and [producer] PJ van Sandwijk,” Deadline reports. “They pitched the picture with no script (Liman is writing it), and came away with a production commitment around $200 million.” Musk will be a “partner” on the project, while McQuarrie “will have a ground control role as story advisor and producer alongside Cruise, Liman and van Sandwijk.”

It’s literally major Tom to ground control:

The $200 million figure is an estimate, considering the project is still being scripted and the unprecedented logistics, but it costs more to make space-set blockbusters that never require breaking through the atmosphere. It seems a reasonable sum to make movie history for a movie studio in this pandemic moment when streamers are making all the noise.

Vin Diesel has already asked for $300 million for the next Fast and Furious movie.

(Via Deadline)