Tom Hanks Thinks His Oscar-Winning Butt Looks Great In ‘Forrest Gump’

When’s the last time you’ve had a think about the quality and attractiveness of Tom Hanks‘ ass? That gap ends today.

The Oscar winner and beloved father figure chatted about his rump on The Graham Norton Show. It wasn’t just any bum that was discussed. No, no, no. This is Forrest Gump‘s ass we’re talking about. Hanks explained to Norton that he worked hard to get into shape for the role and that included a butt that which Hanks considers to be “a beautiful thing to behold.” He also noted that his wife Rita Wilson is fond of that era of the actor’s backside.

“I want to see that one scene where you’re running away from the camera,” notes Hanks as his partner’s reaction to seeing Forrest Gump on TV. “I want to look at that fine Hanks ass!”

In addition to some fun butt talk, Hanks also addressed the subject of a certain picture that turned the internet’s brains into Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola. We’re of course talking about the “Tom Hanks or Bill Murray” photo conundrum. Y’know, this one?

Can Hanks clear up this mystery? It appears so and a reenactment of the photo in question with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gemma Arterton brings bonus magic to life.