Tom Hardy May Be Returning To DC With ‘100 Bullets’

It’s not discussed as often, but in addition to the superheroes, DC is working hard to bring its Vertigo books to the screens. And one of the most beloved Vertigo books might also be Tom Hardy’s return to DC Comics, according to THR, who is reporting that he will produce and possibly star in New Line’s 100 Bullets adaptation.

Hardy got forced out of Suicide Squad due to some movie where Leonardo DiCaprio fights a bear, but 100 Bullets is, if anything, even darker. The basic premise is a mysterious government agent offers random people three things: The name of somebody who ruined their life, an untraceable gun, and, of course, one hundred bullets. Over 100 issues, it turns into a sprawling crime drama tied into a complicated conspiracy, and seemingly minor or one-off characters kept popping back up and changing the story.

So, it’s an interesting choice for a movie, but considering Tom Hardy just led an R-rated action flick (Fury Road) to nearly $400 million worldwide, Warner Bros. probably doesn’t think it can go wrong giving him another crack at that. Besides, it’s not exactly an SFX heavy story, although we’ll be curious to see who they can possibly cast as some of the book’s main characters.

(via THR)