‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Keeps On Smashing Those Records, This Time For The Sequel’s Digital Release

Tom Cruise, who is known for soaring to new heights, is now breaking new records! Last week, Top Gun: Maverick arrived on digital platforms after singlehandedly bringing back movie theaters from the dead and sitting comfortably in theaters and breaking records all summer. Now, the high-flying sequel has become the bestselling week-one digital release of all time in the U.S.

The sequel racked up over $1 billion at the box office after being released on Memorial Day weekend after several year-long COVID delays. Cruise fought for the movie to get a theater release, though he probably would have been fine if it went straight to streaming, clearly. The movie became the top-selling item on Amazon in the U.S. the day it was released.

Cruise has been openly ecstatic about the response to the movie, both from old and new fans, but in particular, men who went to the theater for a healthy dose of nostalgia and action. When asked about how he feels being dubbed the Dad Cinema Savior, Cruise says he is proud to resume that role. “Being a dad with three kids, I take that as a compliment,” Cruise told The New York Times. “I made a movie about firefighters, which is also known to bring grown men to tears. I’ll wear that badge with pride. To see young kids have a great experience, but also to have an experience with their dad and their grandpa or grandma, that, to me, is the most gratifying thing.”

Next, Cruise will likely smash even more records when the upcoming Mission Impossible installment ultimately brings motorcycle chases back into the mainstream.

(Via Collider)