Get A New Lust For Life With The Latest ‘Trainspotting 2’ Teaser Trailer

It still feels like a bit of a heroin-induced fever dream that Trainspotting 2 is really happening 20 years after the original introduced us to Spud, Renton, Sick Boy, and Begbie. Sure enough, director Danny Boyle has made good on his long-running promise to bring the original cast back to the big screen, as we’d previously heard that Trainspotting 2 would feature an especially amazing script. In May, the promises were fulfilled with the first teaser trailer for the sequel, but even before it was yanked away from us all we got to see was footage of the original cast in the original film. Not much of a teaser, really, but it was something.

On Monday, though, Sony Pictures released a brand-spanking-new teaser for what we can now call T2: Trainspotting, and it finally scratches our biggest itch, as we get to see Ewen Bremner, Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, and Robert Carlyle as their respective characters today. Spoiler alert: They’re all 20 years older. Sure, we still don’t have a clue what the sequel will be about, but we have to assume that even after all these years, Begbie can’t be too happy with Renton. Can’t these junkies all just get along?