Paramount Is Making ‘Transformers 5’ And An Animated ‘Transformers’ Prequel

Nobody loves the Transformers movies, and yet, they make money. The last one made a billion dollars, most of that was from non-American theaters, putting a bullet into the idea once and for all that Americans are somehow more tasteless than the rest of the planet. So, Paramount is making even more Transformers movies! Yes, they’re multiplying.

One is the inevitable Transformers 5, written by Akiva Goldsman. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he wrote these:

Yes, Transformers has found its own level of screenwriter. We’re sure being paired with a man who discovers a new robot fetish with every movie will bring out what we expect from him.

Anyway, more interesting is that there’s an animated movie on the way as well. The prequel will be written by Ant-Man team Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, and center around exactly what happened on Cybertron to drive the Transformers off the planet and onto Earth. Of course, like any prequel, the issue will be that we all know who’s making it out and who’s getting melted by Unicron.

But on the other hand, instead of being a set of effects sequences strung together with crappy slapstick and robots urinating on John Turturro, it will just be all effects sequences. Really, all they need is some Weird Al and they’re golden.

(Via HitFix)