Check Out The Trailer For Tribeca’s Controversial Documentary, ‘The Banksy Job’

04.17.16 3 years ago

Street artist Banksy’s reputation precedes him in many ways. While the London-based street artist prefers to work from the shadows, he’s made a big splash on popular culture due to everything from his stunts to his charity work. While his identity might still be up in the air, his impact on modern culture is without question.

Of course, not everyone loves Banksy. Tomorrow at the Tribeca Film Festival will be a screening of a rather controversial documentary called The Banksy Job. The Banksy Job follows “art terrorist” AK47 as he plans a heist to steal a piece of Central London artwork by Banksy. Why? Because the enigmatic Banksy didn’t sign a print for AK47. The film follows the heist, which was pulled off in broad daylight and the response to the theft and subsequent ransom, which was for it to be stolen right out from under AK47’s nose.

Deadline dropped the trailer for The Banksy Job on Friday, hyping up the Sunday Tribeca debut of the documentary. While not the first documentary about Banksy, this might be one of the most interesting as it shows the result of the fame that he’s received and the lengths that other street artists are willing to go to achieve the level of notoriety that Banksy has.

(Via Deadline)

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