Uma Thurman Has Revealed The Quentin Tarantino Scene That She Was Most Terrified To Film


Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino’s professional relationship has endured many phases, to put it mildly, sometimes occurring within the same film. From being buried alive and slaughtering the Crazy 88 in the Kill Bill films to OD’ing and being resurrected with an adrenaline shot in Pulp Fiction, she’s undertaken scenes that would have frightened anyone to film, but which scene terrified her most? Thurman reflected upon this difficult choice during the French festival premiere for her starring role in Netflix’s Chambers series after organizers took time to highlight some of Thurman’s iconic Tarantino scenes, including her Pulp Fiction diner dance and the buried-alive scene.

Thurman admitted to the audience that watching those scenes again gave her “12 shades of PTSD,” but when it comes to “dancing or fighting for your life,” she found the dancing to be much more terrifying. That’s because she felt so awkward in her own body, due to a growth spurt at a young age. Via Variety:

“I think it is always about dancing or fighting for your life … I got 12 shades of PTSD watching that. Those were epic experiences … I was more afraid of the dancing than almost anything because it was exactly to my total insecurity. Being big and awkward and still quite young then. But once I started dancing I didn’t wanna stop, so it was a dream come true.”

Awkward or not, Thurman sure made this dance look easy.

To return to the true subject of Thurman’s appearance at the festival, Chambers follows the story of heart transplant recipient who becomes haunted by the truth of what happened to her donor. Netflix hasn’t released a trailer yet, but it sounds like the series lands squarely within the body horror subgenre. Thurman co-produced Chambers, which will stream sometime in April.

(Via Variety)