Discover How ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Influenced Pop Culture

12.23.15 3 years ago

It’s A Wonderful Life is one of those inescapable classics that is so woven into pop culture that even if you haven’t seen it, you’ve still kind of seen it. References and homages to this cherished Frank Capra film (complete with terrible Jimmy Stewart impressions) have been a staple of pop culture for decades upon decades with many more years of winks, nods, and outright thievery on the horizon.

This 1946 seasonal staple is a bit of a tearjerker (or a full-on misery parade if you’re Phoebe Buffet), but it seems to get a fair bit of extra shine from big screen and small screen comedies. South Park, The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live have all taken iconic scenes from the acclaimed film for a spin with their own signature twist on it. Heck, in Bruce Almighty we saw Jim Carrey’s titular character literally lasso the moon with his godlike powers. Granted, he did it to get laid, but it still ticks the reference box.

For a crash course on how It’s A Wonderful Life seems to pop up in every pop culture nook and cranny, check out our whiz-bang video guide on the subject. No bell ringing required.

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