Tom Hardy And Woody Harrelson Lighten Up In New ‘Venom 2’ Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Tom Hardy and his Venom tongue recently gave fans a first look at Woody Harrelson’s suddenly sharp-dressed man, the antagonistic Cletus Kasady, a.k.a., “Carnage.” He’ll be the primary villain, although we will hopefully soon hear more about who will portray Shriek. Michelle Williams will return as Anne Weying, and Andy Serkis is directing this installment, although Harrelson’s the presence who’s stoking the most excitement lately. He’s lost the crazy red wig, it seems, and fresh Instagrams from photographer Greg Williams show how production fared late last week.

It looks like Harrelson and Hardy (whose characters are former cellmates and not friendly now) are having a fine time with some lighter moments on the set. Harrelson’s looking much more conventional and less like a prison-bound Sideshow Bob. Yet the comics revealed that the Venom symbiote fused with Kasady, so look out for that to take center stage in the sequel. Oh, and Hardy’s Eddie Brock got stuck in the rain.

Hardy posted some additional images (taken by Greg Williams) on his Instagram. Director Andy Serkis looks like he’s having a ball, and screenwriter Kelly Marcel’s on the scene with Hardy having been very involved in the scriptwriting process as well. Given that the film managed to pull in over $213 million at domestic theaters (and $856 million worldwide), let’s hope this sequel doesn’t disappoint the masses. With Harrelson on board, though, this team shouldn’t have a problem keeping the guilty-pleasure vibe alive.

Venom 2 grins its way into theaters on October 2.