Want To Know How ‘EuroTrip’ Got Matt Damon To Sing ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know’?

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10.08.14 60 Comments

Justified and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are two of my favorite TV shows of all-time, but those aren’t the titles I think of whenever I see Jacob Pitts and Michelle Trachtenberg. Nope, that would be EuroTrip, a not-good movie that I unabashedly love. During my freshman year of college, when I wasn’t watching Shaun of the Dead or Anchorman, I was quoting EuroTrip, because I am every stupid male college student ever. I’m only half-ashamed to admit that it’s one of my “if it’s on TV, I’m not leaving the couch until it’s over” movies, right up there with GoodFellas and…OK, now I want to watch GoodFellas.

But why do I like that dumb movie (not GoodFellas) so much? I honestly have no idea, although I’m guessing a tattooed Matt Damon singing a song about sleeping with some guy’s “sex puppet” of a girlfriend behind his back has something to do with it. That “some guy”: Scotty, and he doesn’t know.

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