Watch Vin Diesel Play Dungeons & Dragons As ‘The Last Witch Hunter’

Vin Diesel has never been shy about sharing his love for role playing games, specifically Dungeons & Dragons. He credits the pen and paper game with igniting his love for acting, and his latest movie, The Last Witch Hunter, was based on a D&D character of his. Now you can see Diesel actually playing through an adventure thanks to Nerdist and Geek & Sundry. The highlights are above, and a longer 30-minute edit is below.

It’s your typical adventure; the group meets a peasant who pleads with them to destroy the ancient evil that is destroying their village. Vin et al, being the witch-hunting badasses they are, agree to fight for the cause. A few things you’ll pick up from watching the whole campaign video below:

  • It doesn’t matter what Vin Diesel is doing, he WILL drop Fast & Furious quotes into any situation.
  • He will also never pass up an opportunity to rasp sexy mutterings that make men and women alike sploosh.
  • Being the boss that he is, Diesel rolls more 20s in this short campaign than I have in the past year of regular playing.
  • Vin Diesel rolling dice kinda looks like Vin Diesel jerking off a ghost demon.

The whole thing is quite glorious and makes me want to play some Dungeons & Dragons and go see The Last Witch Hunter. That comes out this Friday, October 24, and if you want more vanity productions based on the geeky RPG characters of Hollywood stars, go to the theater and drop a gold coin or two on the thing.