Weekend Box Office: Deadpool Would Appreciate How Thoroughly ‘Deadpool 2’ Trounced ‘Logan’

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One of the best running gags in Deadpool 2 is Deadpool’s preoccupation with Logan and Wolverine — in fact, the film’s opening sequence both pays tribute to and tries to one-up Logan in a very tongue-in-cheek-manner. Critically speaking, the Ryan Reynolds’ movie falls short of Wolverine’s swan song (83 percent to 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), but Deadpool 2 gives Ryan Reynolds bragging rights over Hugh Jackman at the box office (and if there is a Deadpool 3, Reynolds will certainly remind Jackman of that). Deadpool 2 opened on Friday with the single-day record at the box-office for an R-rated film ($53.9 million) and holds the title for the highest-grossing R-Rated Thursday preview, as well, with $18 million.

However, Deadpool 2 will fall short of Deadpool for the biggest opening weekend for an R-rated movie ever, scoring around $125 million, short of the $132 million earned by the original. The important thing, however, is that it has vanquished Logan, which opened in March 2017 with $88 million. Deadpool 2 may not ultimately make as much as its predecessor ($363 million) given the tougher summer competition (and the arrival of Solo next weekend), but it should earn enough to push Logan out of the top ten movie R-rated movies, which I’m sure will make Deadpool very happy.

Despite falling short of its predecessor, the $125 million opening is undeniably impressive, especially in an era where sequels rarely outperform the originals domestically — in fact, Deadpool 2 breaks the record for comedy sequel at the box office. Great reviews and solid worth of mouth (A- on Cinemascore) will keep Deadpool humming through Memorial Day and until the first weeks of June, Star Wars notwithstanding.

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