When Will ‘About My Father’ Be On Streaming?

Robert De Niro is one of the best actors of his generation, starring in all of your dad’s favorite films and a few that you love too (like 2019’s Joker!). He is so good, that in order to promote his latest film About My Father, he decided to go full-on method acting and became a father to his seventh child earlier this year. That’s the type of dedication that so many great Italian-American men strive to achieve. Perhaps if he actually went forward with actually de-aging himself in real life then The Irishman would have had better luck at the box office. This is obviously a joke, for it did well enough.

But even though his kid probably wasn’t a part of his role preparation, De Niro really is starring in the film, which was released this past Memorial Day weekend. De Niro stars as a father trying to reconnect with his son, played by Sebastian Maniscalco, who is gearing up to propose to his girlfriend. The movie also features Kim Catrall, Leslie Bibb, and David Rasche.

Even though the movie isn’t available online yet, it will probably make its way on the internet soon enough. Like other Lionsgate films this year, it’s likely that the movie will be available for purchase or rent on demand about three weeks after its initial release. About My Father will probably end up on Amazon or YouTube by the end of June or early July.

While it’s not clear which (if any) streaming service will snag up the film, other Lionsgate movies have ended up on Hulu or Peacock, so we will hopefully get answers soon. Until then, you can watch The Irishman on Netflix.