Robert De Niro Has Welcomed His Seventh Child At Age 79

While everyone is waiting for Nick Canon and his small army of offspring to form their own 12-person basketball team, Robert De Niro very quietly welcomed baby number 7 into his clan.

The actor was promoting his new film, aptly titled About My Father, when an ET Canada reporter asked about his six kids. De Niro responded, “Seven, actually. I just had a baby.” We can assume that someone else physically had the baby, though he didn’t clarify who. The 79-year-old already has six kids, ranging in age from 11-51, in addition to a handful of grandkids. That must make the holidays very fun and not at all confusing.

When it comes to his parenting style, De Niro takes the “no-nonsense” approach. He told ET Canada, “I mean, there’s no way around it with kids. I don’t like to have to lay down the law and stuff like that. But, [sometimes] you just have no choice,” he explained. “And any parent, I think, would say the same thing. You always want to do the right thing by the children and give them the benefit of the doubt but sometimes you can’t.”

De Niro also said that while he doesn’t consider himself a “cool dad,” he thinks he is doing “okay” at this parenting thing. “You know, my kids disagree with me at times, and they’re respectful. My daughter, she’s 11, she gives me grief sometimes and I argue with her. I adore her, but, you know. And my youngest now, that’ll be more to come. But, that’s what it is.”

So…who is The Godfather? We are all thinking it, right?

(Via People)