Laurence Fishburne Revealed Why He (Allegedly) Won’t Be In ‘The Matrix 4′

The Matrix 4 has joined the very small, yet slowly grossing list of Hollywood blockbusters that have resumed production following the worldwide quarantines that blasted a hole in the entertainment industry, but there’s been one notable omission from the set of the film: Laurence Fishburne. The Morpheus actor’s name has been oddly missing from reports about the original cast returning, and he’s now revealed why that is. He was never asked to return.

“I have not been invited,” Fishburne informed New York Magazine (via The Wrap). “Maybe that will make me write another play. I wish them well. I hope it’s great.”

Could Fishburne be making a surprise appearance, and this is all smoke and mirrors to keep Matrix fans guessing? That’s always a possibility. Especially considering Fishburne thinks of Morpheus as an Obi-Wan-type character for the digital age.

But despite Fishburne’s absence and a global pandemic still hanging in the air, Keanu Reeves appeared upbeat while sitting down for a video chat from Berlin where he updated fans on the fourth Matrix installment that has been filming since late July. While promoting the soon-to-be-released Bill and Ted Face the Music in an interview with the Associated Press, Reeves praised the safety protocols on the set and shared how impressed he is that the new regulations haven’t impacted the “rhythm of filmmaking.” Via Comic Book:

“You know, I think everyone loves the project. If you’re ever going to get into any kind of situation that needs to be figured out or ‘How do we do this?’ Show business people are the best,” the star added. “We’re scrappy, we know how to get stuff done. We’re inventive, we think on our feet. That kind of kindred spirit coming together. It goes back to ‘Let’s put on a show! We’ve got some props, we’ve got some things, we’re going to run it!’ That spirit is definitely alive and well on The Matrix.”

You watch see the Reeves interview below:

(Via The Wrap)