Woody Allen Released A Trailer For ‘A Rainy Day In New York,’ Which May Never Play In America

Remember A Rainy Day in New York? It’s the 48th feature film from Woody Allen, and there’s a chance you may never have a chance to see it. Months ago Amazon, the film’s parent company, shelved it indefinitely, after renewed interest in accusations against Allen first lodged against in 1992. Now Allen himself has dropped a trailer for it anyway.

From the looks of it, Allen’s latest — which is still being released in Europe, Japan and other parts of the globe — is the same-old jazz-and-quips Woody business, if with a younger main cast than usual. Elle Fanning and Timothée Chalamet play a couple whose romantic Manhattan getaway is possibly ruined after the two get into separate misadventures, his involving an actress played by Selena Gomez, hers involving an older director played by Liev Schreiber. The typically all-star cast is rounded out by Jude Law, Diego Luna, and Rebecca Hall.

A Rainy Day in New York was made as part of a multi-project deal Allen signed with Amazon, which launched with 2016’s Café Society. By the time his second Amazon movie, the drama Wonder Wheel, arrived in the fall of 2017, the Me Too movement was in full swing, and the long-seated accusations — which claimed that he had abused Mia Farrow’s daughter Dylan when she was as young as seven years old — had sprung back into the public consciousness with more forcefulness than ever before.

Allen has always denied the claims, and numerous investigations found no wrong-doing on Allen’s part. Still, the renewed interest and concern over the allegations were enough to cause Amazon to shelve his next film. Meanwhile, numerous actors expressed regret over having worked with him, including Chalamet and Hall, who both donated their salaries on the film to charity. In April, Allen filed a lawsuit against Amazon for $68 million, claiming they backed out of a four-film contract over a “25-year-old, baseless accusation.”

In the meantime, reports of the demise of Woody Allen’s directing career appear to be greatly exaggerated: He’s reportedly shooting his next film in Spain this summer, though it’s unclear who will be in it.

(Via EW)