Does This Leaked ‘X-Force’ Concept Art Reveal The Movie’s Mutant Lineup?

Way back in 2013, mutterings of an eventual X-Force big-screen arrival hit the airwaves. Of course, the comic spinoff positions the X-Force as X-Men‘s black ops heavy lifters. An educated guess at the roster reckoned that at least the Cable and Psylocke would be involved in the lineup.

Now, some leaked concept art from artist Gregory Semkow reveals five team members, but god only knows whether this art represents a final lineup (from Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow). Concept art can be completely trashed before filming even begins. Let’s take a look anyway:

Well, the four easily recognizable characters include telepathic Cable and marksman Domino, along with Warpath and (a tiny) Cannonball. Some folks believed the hooded mutant could be Rogue or Psylocke, but Semkow confirmed the fifth member’s identity as Feral. Again, this artwork could represent where the project was back in 2013, and word on the street is that the project will receive an overhaul before beginning production.

As of now, X-Force has no planned release date, so it will be a while before more questions are answered. Whatever the case, Robert Liefeld dropped a pretty awesome tweet about this news.