‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ And ‘Wolverine 3’ Will Reportedly Mark The End Of Bryan Singer’s ‘X-Men’ Universe

Bryan Singer has been involved, in some capacity or another, with the X-Men film franchise since 2000, and he’s the guy responsible for helping to launch Hugh Jackman’s movie career after casting him in the iconic role of Wolverine.

With the recent news that Jackman will portray the character one last time in Wolverine 3, Latino Review has reported on a rumor that X-Men: Apocalypse may be Singer’s final film in the franchise:

This feels like a pretty legit rumor because Jennifer Lawrence has also stated her lack of interest in the films moving forward. Singer has done a pretty successful job at creating the X-Men movie universe as we now know it. It might even be a good thing that X-Men: Apocalypse is set take place in 1983. If the franchise continues after that installment, recasting of the roles with much younger actors may not seem too far-fetched.

(Via Latino Review, ScreenCrush)