Zachary Quinto Opens Up About The ‘Devastating’ Loss Of Anton Yelchin

Not enough can be said about the loss of Anton Yelchin, an actor who was definitely taken before his time. He had the high-profile roles thanks to Star Trek, but you know what was lost if you saw Green Room while it was in theaters. Friends and fellow actors shared their thoughts on his passing, but we’re likely to get more now that we’re on the promotional period for Star Trek Beyond.

Take Zachary Quinto’s appearance on The Late Show on Friday. It’s going to be hard for any of these interviews to go without mentioning the late Yelchin, but Quinto handles it well as Colbert softly leads into it near the beginning of the interview:

“I think our goal just has to be to celebrate his incredible life, and honor him as much as we can. It was a terrible loss, not only to us personally, but I think to the industry and audiences…He was such a talent.”

There’s a nice discussion about the differences between Star Trek and Star Wars after the drearier talk, so there’s a bit for everybody here. It does show the shock of his death and how it changes the tone of this film’s release, especially on the actors involved.

(Via The Late Show)