Zack Snyder Revealed Who He Cast To Play Green Lantern In His ‘Justice League’ Cut

Zack Snyder’s Justice League was the talk of the superhero world just a few short weeks ago, and by now many people may have actually been able to finish watching the four-hour epic. With that in mind, we now know even more details about just how vast the vision Snyder had for the DC movie.

As disclosed, Snyder spoke at JusticeCon2021 and gave even more detail about his vision for what the DC Universe had in store if he were still given the keys. We already knew there were a lot of details in Justice League that were to set the future for sequels, and he revealed that some superheroes, like Green Lantern, who didn’t appear in the film did get cast for future roles.

Speaking at Justice Con 2021, Snyder revealed that John Stewart, also known as Green Lantern, was the superhero originally intended to appear at the end of the film, but was replaced by Martian Manhunter. He explained that he would have been played by actor Wayne T. Carr.

Snyder and Carr went so far as to film a scene in the director’s driveway, though Snyder warned him that the scene may not be featured in the film. “I said, ‘Look, there’s a chance that this doesn’t make it in the movie,” Snyder warned. “I’m not 100% sure he thought it was real, legit.” There was even a suit made for him. “We had made him a CG suit and because it was COVID and we couldn’t really do a real suit… The mandate was to make it look as physical as possible.”

Stewart, the first Black superhero in the DC Universe, was the part about a hypothetical Green Lantern we already knew. Snyder revealed that much in a lengthy interview with Vanity Fair in March where he detailed how his Green Lantern cameo was replaced by an appearance from Martian Manhunter in the movie’s closing moments.

“We shot a version of this scene with Green Lantern, but the studio really fought me and said, ‘We really don’t want you to do Green Lantern,’” Snyder said. “So I made a deal with them, and they let me do this [instead].”

Okay, but which Green Lantern did Snyder want to use? “It would be John Stewart,” Snyder said. John Stewart (with an H) is the character who took over the mantle of Green Lantern in the 1970s, becoming DC’s historic first Black superhero. Reynolds’s Green Lantern was another character, known as Hal Jordan.

But the news of who would play Stewart seems to be new. Another indication this was, indeed, the case? Earlier in April, Carr posted an image from the Snyder Cut with a #restorethesnyderverse hashtag, which would certainly indicate he would like employment in a future Snyder film as Green Lantern.

We’ll see if Snyder ever gets to fulfill his oversized image of the DC universe, and if that ever includes a Green Lantern that isn’t Ryan Reynolds. But now we know what would have happened in a different, more Snyder-filled timeline.

[via CBR]