Zack Snyder Might Still Make His (Rumored Until Now) ‘Star Wars’ Movie, And It Will be A Standalone Project

Just when you think Zack Snyder has run out of surprising revelations, the Army of the Dead director has confirmed that, yes, he was in talks to make a Star Wars movie sometime around the time of Man of Steel and Disney’s multi-billion dollar purchase of Lucasfilm. There were rumors at the time that were only further bolstered down the road when Snyder kept slipping Star Wars imagery into social media posts for Batman V Superman, but neither Snyder or Lucasfilm have ever acknowledged the project. His team even went so far to deny reports back in 2013 that he was developing an “Akira Kurosawa-inspired” film that would be entirely separate from the Skywalker Saga.

However, Snyder has been an open book these past few months while promoting both Army of the Dead and his Snyder Cut of Justice League, and during an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, he confirmed that he really was developing the project for Lucasfilm that would’ve taken Star Wars back to its roots by leaning heavily into the Kurosawa samurai films that originally inspired George Lucas. Obviously, Snyder’s Star Wars film didn’t happen, but he says it might see the light of day as its own standalone sci-fi movie. Via IndieWire:

Detaching the Kurosawa-inspired movie from “Star Wars” didn’t prove difficult, as Snyder said there was no overlap in terms of characters between what he was developing at Lucasfilm and the other movies in the franchise. The director added about his isolated “Star Wars” movie, “It was me saying, ‘Give me the keys and let me take it for a spin.’”

“The 11-year-old me still wants to make that, and now, I know how to,” Snyder said about the Kurosawa-inspired movie. “So, maybe we’ll see that someday.”

Snyder also revealed that he’s still tinkering with his project, and he’s fine with it no longer being set in a galaxy far, far away: “I’m just going to let Star Wars be Star Wars.”

(Via Happy Sad Confused & IndieWire)