03 Greedo Is Getting Out Of Prison Soon And He Just Surprise-Released A New Project

Since mid-2008, 03 Greedo (real name Jason Jamal Jackson) has been in prison for firearm and drug offenses, but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing new music. In fact, he’s dropped a handful of albums and other projects since then. Now, he has unveiled yet another one: Free 03, a new mixtape produced by Mike Free, is out now.

The announcement was made on Greedo’s Instagram on January 7 and the project features BlueBucksClan, OhGeesy, KenTheMan, and the late Drakeo The Ruler. Greedo previously announced the project last August.

The bigger news here, though, is that Greedo is set to be released from prison in a matter of days. Last night (January 8), Jeff Weiss reported, “Out of respect for Greedo’s right to break the news however he wants to break it, I can’t officially confirm anything. But this Texas parole info is accurate. 03 should be coming home at some point this week. A 5-year nightmare finally coming to an end.”

This information is available on the Texas Department Of Criminal Justice website, of which Weiss shared a screenshot and which shows a scheduled release date on parole of January 12.

Greedo previously mourned Free 03 collaborator Drakeo’s death, writing, “I wanted to wait until I felt like a lot of the clout posts died down because this one really crushed me. I lost a lot of homies, family, and industry friends while I’ve been locked up but to lose my evil twin f*cked me up. I wake up every day wishing I made parole so I could convince you to move out of LA with me and focus on the music. To lose your n****s you made your first millions with before even coming home to enjoy it is mind-blowing. Coming home to Shoreline broken up and no Ketchy or Drakeo — we still have so many hot songs we haven’t shown the world.”

Stream Free 03 below.