Drakeo The Ruler’s Posthumous Video For ‘Diddy Bop’ Has Been Revealed

A new Drakeo The Ruler video has been released, on what would’ve been his 29th birthday (December 1), and nearly a year after his death. In the video for “Diddy Bop, ” Drakeo and his crew are seen posted up, on guard for any opps that may come their way.

“Hop out on the opp out the Coupе, I served with him a chop / Know no he was no longеr, when I seen his nerves hangin’ out /Half a Hundiddy in the chop, it’s a Minnie Mouse / Don’t wanna strip, don’t wanna dance, f*ck it, Diddy Bop,” raps Drakeo on the song’s chorus.

The song features Drakeo’s brother and longtime collaborator Ralfy The Plug, and comes from their joint project, A Cold Day In Hell.

On his verse, Ralfy warns his opposition that if they’re not careful, consequences could be dire.

Upon the video’s release, Ralfy took to Instagram to honor Drakeo, saying, “Happy birthday to the best rapper to ever touch the mic we know the truth, the truth hurt, ain’t that the truth almost been a whole year since you been gone and still got this sh*t on lock…they still don’t want to give you your flowers but the truth is undisputed.”

You can watch the video above.