2 Chainz Thinks Ted Cruz’s Mass Shooting Suggestion Is ‘Dumb As F*ck’

Three days on from the Uvalde, Texas elementary school shooting, many of us are still trying to wrap our heads around the tragedy. While some call for compassion and understanding for the families of the victims, others are calling for action. However, the government representatives for the state of Texas have offered little in the way of solutions or useful suggestions beyond “arming teachers” — because that’s certain to work out (he wrote with as much sarcasm as he could muster.

Even rappers are tired of the non-response. 2 Chainz, who has three elementary-aged children of his own, vented his frustration with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, posting on Instagram taking the politician and his peers to task for their less-than-helpful takes. Cruz suggested that limiting school entries could be a way to prevent school shootings — instead of just, y’know, penning in potential victims and making it easier for a shooter to inflict damage and prevent authorities from intervening.

“These politicians, some of you n****s is dumb as f*ck,” Chainz said, not holding back. “Just ’cause you put a suit on… let me tell you something. The suit is the biggest cap in the world. When n****s be having on suits, man anybody wearing a suit, they think you put on a suit you supposed to be more intelligent. Man, I’ve been listening to some of you politicians and some of y’all n****s dumb as f*ck. That n****a Ted Cruz said, ‘Lock the back door next time.’ He said to prevent what happened, have the back door locked.” He ended the video with an expression of exasperated disbelief.

Only one thing is certain; this is a problem unique to the United States, as pointed out by a Sky News reporter directly to Cruz’s bewildered face. Until we do something differently, that may be unlikely to change anytime soon. Watch 2 Chainz’s reaction below.