Adidas Is Reportedly Gearing Up To Release Former Yeezy Designs Without The Kanye West’s Branding

It has only been a few months since Adidas cut ties with Kanye West and the company is reportedly already preparing to start releasing its former Yeezy Supply models without the rapper’s branding. Alleged photos of the rebranded Adidas 350 V2 model hit Twitter, setting the trending topics abuzz with users weighing in on the move. The overwhelming sentiment appears to be that without the Kanye co-sign, the 350s could end up being DOA when they supposedly hit shelves early next year.

Kanye’s partnership with Adidas hit the skids sometime over the past year, with the rapper using his social media to criticize Adidas employees, including former CEO Kasper Rørsted and Vice President Daniel Cherry. He called the Adilette Slide a “fake Yeezy” despite some pretty obvious cosmetic differences, and even called out the brand for its Yeezy Day promotion going ahead without his approval — approval industry sources say he refused to give unless his demand to be installed as CEO was granted. When he started making antisemitic comments on social media and in interviews, claiming a cabal of Jews controlled the world economy, Adidas put the partnership under review. In the end, Kanye was sent packing with 100 percent of his brand but none of the designs, which Adidas created with its own resources and some input from Kanye. As it turns out, that brand may not be worth much at this point.

It was later revealed that throughout the partnership, Kanye had behaved extremely unprofessionally, bullying employees, harassing them with porn, and otherwise terrorizing anyone who had to work with him. Although Yeezy Supply brought in at least a billion dollars annually, in the end, Adidas seems better off without him — and if the 350s don’t sell, something tells me they’ll be just fine without them.