ASAP Rocky Sort Of Apologized To The Woman He Jumped Over At The Met Gala

Earlier this week, a slew of celebrities turned heads with their ensembles at the 2023 Met Gala, but one, ASAP Rocky, did so with his efforts to get into his hotel beforehand. Rocky couldn’t approach the barricaded entrance of the Carlyle Hotel directly, so he took a shortcut through the crowd, jumping a barricade with a woman’s unwitting assistance, using her shoulder to steady his vault.

The woman then posted a selfie on Twitter in the immediate aftermath, looking equal parts amused, annoyed, and rumpled as she noted, “ASAP Rocky just literally jumped over me.” Rocky himself found the tweet the next day, expressing his own amusement and something similar to — but not quite — contrition. “LOL MY FAULT SWEETHEART,” he wrote back.

The woman was identified by The Independent as Madelyn Llanes, a 21 year old from Long Island, who recounted the startling incident. She says she initially rebuffed Rocky’s attempt to get through the crowd, not realizing that it was him and that he was trying to get over the barricade.

“I went to The Carlyle early in the day just so I’d be able to see everyone’s outfits up close as they’d head out,” she said. “What happened with A$AP Rocky is that I had felt someone tapping my shoulder, so I turned around and saw that it was him but my brain didn’t fully comprehend that it was him. He said, ‘Sweetheart I need to get through’ and I just told him ‘no’ because the barricade was right in front of me, there wasn’t really anywhere to go. He just pushed his way up and then hopped over and grabbed me and the guy next to me as he did. After he hopped over, he was like ‘thank you’ and then just laughed and flipped me off and then he went inside and that’s when I fully realized it was him.”

It’s unknown why Rocky was running so late that he needed to resort to such extreme measures, but as it turns out, Anna Wintour, who basically organizes the whole shindig, was pretty chill about Rocky and Rihanna showing up late, because as she put it in a past interview, Rihanna is allowed to show up late.