ASAP Rocky Pushed Past Fans To Hop Over The Met Gala Hotel Barricade In A New Viral Video

ASAP Rocky is nicknamed the Fashion Killa, and he didn’t let a crowd of fans stop him from entering his hotel for the Met Gala. In a viral video, the “Same Problems” rapper is seen hopping over a few bystanders waiting outside to gaze upon their favorite celebrities’ grandiose looks.

As the musician fights through the crowd, he eventually elbows toward the front. Then using his agility, he jumps over the hotel’s barricade. After making it over the border, he heads towards back to the crowd to say something, but he can not be heard in the clip.

A woman claiming to be in the viral video took to social media to recount the moment. She tweeted, “ASAP Rocky just used me to jump over the barricade, hello!”

Then after the video gained steam on social media, the same fan doubled back to add, “ASAP Rocky just literally jumped over me.”

When asked by another person to explain what led to the exchange, the woman replied, “He tapped my shoulder and was like, ‘Sweetheart, I need to get through,’ and I went, ‘No,’ and then he just shoved.”

It was rumored that ASAP Rocky’s sense of urgency was due to his need to prepare for the evening with his partner Rihanna. Initially, it appeared that both stars would not make it to the red carpet. But they did arrive after the live stream had concluded for the evening.