ASAP Rocky Went Ahead And Voiced A Car Horn In The New ‘Need For Speed’ Game And Fans Think It’s Hilarious

Need For Speed Unbound, the latest installment in the long-running racing game franchise, is set to drop in just a few days, on December 2. Ahead of then, though, what appears to be footage from the game reveals an appearance from ASAP Rocky… as the voice of a car horn.

The clip shows a customization menu where the player can pick from a number of alternate horn sounds for their car. One of them is called “A$AP” and is just Rocky repeatedly saying “beep beep.” The horn isn’t available at the very start of the game’s story and costs 2,000 in-game dollars once it is.

While the horn may have been unexpected, Rocky’s presence in the game isn’t a surprise: Rocky appeared in the game’s reveal trailer that dropped in early October. As Polygon noted at the time, “Need For Speed Unbound features music and creative input from rapper ASAP Rocky and his AWGE creative agency. ASAP Rocky appears in-game as the leader of a faction called the Takeover Scene, which is home to a replayable ‘precision driving mode’ that emphasizes style over speed and a mechanic wherein players try to claim areas of Lakeshore for themselves.”

Watch the reveal trailer below, followed by some fan reactions to the Rocky horn.